The diet Dukan of products are allowed

Before you begin to eat Dukane, it's worth speaking to your doctor about the compatibility between the diet and the characteristics of the body and state of health.

In the first phase of the "Attack"

The most difficult thing in terms of the constraints of the time period. It is necessary to completely eliminate carbohydrates and fats from food, to building a diet entirely of protein.

The first stage is the transformation of the eating habits and speeding up your metabolism. Is it possible to lose 1 to 6 pounds.

To cope with the aftermath of the attack, over a 10-night stay in the city of hamburg. The misuse of a meal rich in protein may lead to complications in the work of the kidneys and cause osteoporosis.

Meatloaf with eggs in the diet of Dukan

The basic rules for "Attack"

The lack of carbohydrates in the refill by forcing the body to replenish its energy stocks, to the fat deposits.

To get the maximum effect from the creation of an artificial scarcity, it is necessary to follow a few guidelines:

  • consumed with a rigorously specified, a list of products that are allowed for the first phase.
  • to eat along with the food, the 1.5-St. l. for any meal;
  • see the scheme for what you will drink;
  • used to prepare the media for heat treatment;
  • sports daily load (walking, running, and gymnastics).

The allowed products for the diet Dukan on the "Attack":

CategoryThe listing
In the fleshTurkey, chicken, beef, KROlühSaturnino succeed in offal.
The fishFresh pinadrago
The fruits of the seaAll
Milk, eggs, poultry,With a choice of low-fat

In the beginning, did not imply the use of any other product, even with the water added, for a little while. Animals and olive oil (1 h. of l.), or a handful of nuts.

The Menu for the "Attack"

Half an hour before a meal, drunk on 1 glass of a normal, natural, and liquid oxygen. With a feed intake of 1 tablespoon of bran to the cereals (oats, barley, rye, pshenychnykh). Replace the cart, the bread-making of the pellet from Dukane.

An approximate value of the diet for the week:

Diameter1st mealLunchThe 2-nd mealLunchDinner
On MondayThe eggs, - 100 g of cottage cheese, and a compote of fresh fruitYogurt-and-a-half for Ot. tablespoons of branSoup with meat, branny giftA cup of yogurt-0%Cooked a couple of fish
On TuesdayOmelet, a piece of meat from the loin of the black teaCheese, butter & Chicken cutlets – 2 PCs., a slice of the loaf of breadKefir – 200 gTurkey is in the oven
On WednesdayDukhnovskyi cheesecakes, green teaThe cheese mass is 120 gEar, 2 in the small trubnye of the ballCrab sticksKROlühSaturnino succeed with the garlic
On ThursdayCoffeeSoft cheese-weight – 110 gBaked breast of chicken, dry toastMint in the drinkScrambled eggs with ham
On Friday2 hard-boiled eggs, coffee, tea, herbKefir, 0,5 St. l. branCooked shrimp – 300 gCottage cheeseSoup with meatballs
On SaturdayCookies, oatmeal, juice and fresh fruitThe milkCorn, cooked liver, egg,Ryazhenka – 250 gPork meat, fish, raw
On SundayCheese, sauce pan, jamCheese, butter & The white piqueMilkThe beef with the garlic

The menu for the week is on the Attack

the first breakfast

for the second breakfast


a snack in the afternoon


on Monday

an omelette of 2 eggs with the milk, herbs, a ham sandwich, and coffee

low-fat yogurt – 150 g

then, the baked chicken with lemon and garlic – 300 g

cooked shrimp

fish – 300 g kefir – 200 g

on Tuesday

cheesecakes, coffee, tea

porridge made of oat bran with milk

pork meat, ground

hot oat bran

cooked meatballs, turkey

on Wednesday

hard-boiled eggs, and coffee

key lime pie yogurt

mackerel cooked in white wine

from the desert, from a set of proteins, and the mint tea

roll the omelet with the red of the fish

on Thursday

a ham sandwich, a hard-boiled egg, coffee, tea

steam cutlets of veal

the ear of the salmon


fish and salad.

on Friday

omelet with cheese

baked chicken breast

soup with minced meat

with a dessert of cottage cheese

fillet of salmon, a couple of

on Saturday

scrambled eggs with ham

slices of fish, and the tea

steak of grain-fed beef

bob's feed

pair it with the oat bran and wheat

on Sunday

salad with crab sticks

the coffee cupcake

the ear of the salmon, and hard boiled eggs

a milkshake with vanilla

preparation of the turkey


  • Breakfast - chicken nolauski, kefir.
  • Lunch – tomato soup with seafood and green tea.
  • Afternoon snack – cheese casserole, yoghurt, etc.
  • Soup Tom Yum with shrimps
  • Dinner: gratin with chicken and broccoli.


  • Breakfast – pancakes, and coffee.
  • Lunch: soup with meatballs, and the tea party.
  • Afternoon snack – cheesecakes, kefir.
  • Dinner-egg RARFsetom of the fish.


  • Breakfast – fried egg with vegetables, coffee.
  • Lunch – steamed sea bass with grilled vegetables
  • Snack – yogurt with wheat bran.
  • Dinner: slice of spinach and the eggs.

As part of the exhibition

  • Breakfast – a roll, with tuna.
  • Lunch in the ear of the tea party.
  • Afternoon snack – pancakes of ricotta.
  • Dinner – steamed mussels.


  • Breakfast - vegetable-casserole-with-egg
  • Lunch – roast meat, and the tea party.
  • Snack – yogurt and a loaf of bread from the meal.
  • Dinner – cheese souffle with pumpkin.


  • Breakfast - scrambled eggs with salmon and diluted in fruit juice.
  • Lunch: soup, chicken, tea.
  • Snack – yogurt with wheat bran.
  • Dinner – meatballs in turkey.


  • Breakfast - cheese on a casserole, for breakfast.
  • Lunch – soup, cole slaw, and green tea.
  • Afternoon snack – crab rolls.
  • Dinner – pan-cake of zucchini in with the chicken.

On Monday

  1. Breakfast: an omelette from the pet eggs, non-fat, ham, and green tea.
  2. Available the ear of a goldfish.
  3. Afternoon snack – milk, cheese made from raw milk.
  4. Dinner: beef steak turkey and the kefir.

On Tuesday

  1. Breakfast-2 slices of fish, coffee and green tea.
  2. Lunch – grilled chicken with herbs, low-fat milk.
  3. Afternoon snack – baked-fat cottage cheese, yogurt.
  4. Dinner: pork meat, cup of herbal tea.
  1. Breakfast: cheese, chamomile tea.
  2. Breakfast – porridge made with oat bran, and green tea.
  3. Afternoon snack – cottage cheese cheesecakes, yogurt.
  4. Dinner: pan-fried perch, herbal tea.

On Thursday

  1. Breakfast: cooked chicken, cup of coffee or tea.
  2. Available the ear with the different fish, and the tea with the mint.
  3. Lunch – cheese, soy, and green tea.
  4. Dinner: salad "Mimosa" in the form of rose hip oil.

On Friday

  1. Breakfast – the cheese and the lemon juice in a sauce pan, plain yogurt.
  2. Available take the form of a quail, cup of herbal tea.
  3. Afternoon snack – pancakes, bran, kefir.
  4. Dinner: pork low-fat pork, milk.

On Saturday

  1. Breakfast-2 eggs, hard boiled, or scrambled, chamomile tea, or a coffee shop.
  2. Lunch – beef and veal, and the tea with mint.
  3. Snack – cottage cheese, yogurt.
  4. Dinner: turkey, juice, and milk.

On Sunday

  1. Breakfast: cream cheese, boiled wheat in milk.
  2. Available right ear of atlantic salmon, chamomile tea.
  3. Afternoon snack – oat flour from the bran cereal and milk.
  4. Dinner: squid, soy bean, cheese and kefir.

The tent

What do you do if you have a crash, you have allowed yourself to excess, and Nailecomü of the forbidden food, it is not bringing you a diet to a logical conclusion? Dukan gives in this case, do not panic, and follow the following tactics:

  • for the next 2 days to do it solely BAAlparanoVyme;
  • if you have a crash in the phase of "Attack", the need to extend that to 2 days;
  • increase your daily intake of water up to 2 liters per day;
  • sleeping more than usual;
  • the daily walks should be at least an hour over the next 3 to 4 days;
  • limiting your intake of salt to taste.

In order to avoid errors, it's important to remember a few rules:

  • in the early stages of "Cruising", and the "fix" for your weight while it increased very slowly, but that's not a reason to tear, and the hope of achieving some forms;
  • the whole of the period of the diet, there is and always must be, only what it is permitted to use;
  • you can never blame it on yourself in the frustrating, because of the sense of guilt often leads to confiscation.

Immediately after the failure, you need to increase your physical activity and any of the victories and achievements to reward yourself with something nice. The effectiveness of a diet depends on a lot of will-power, allowing it to withstand any temptation and keep on losing weight even after the breakup.

A special menu for the day: in the table, the diet Dukan

All of the protein in the diet, Pierre Dukan, is the use of a range of foods are allowed at different times. We present here a table of the recommendations for the selection of the food. They can also be combined with each other and use in any way, just do not eat dishes, deep-fried, it is best to choose the method of preparation, baking, or grilling.

The Attack

The protein in the diet, it starts with an attack on the body's pure protein. At this point, you need to delete any of the carbohydrate-containing products, but in accordance with the rules of the diet, it can also be as a condiment for the use of the bow and not more than 1 in pieces) and garlic.

The productThe animalsBannedNote
In the fleshAny of the fowl, meat, meat offal, rabbit meat, ham, fat-freeGoose and duck meatThe way to prepare for anything, in addition to deep-frying it in oil
The fishYou can, in all the varieties that are canned in their own juice, crab sticks, and smoked fish can be a rarelyCanned food in with the oil
The fruits of the seaAll of us, without exception,
Dairy productsYou can do absolutely anything with a fat content of up to 1.5%Dairy products are high in fat, additives, and bulk
EggsThe protein in unlimited amounts, the yolk of 3-4 months and a week
DrinkWater, tea, coffee, chicory,Fruit juices, soft drinksTea, and weak coffee, Water, non-carbonated, non-more than 2 litres
SpicesOnion, soy sauce, vegetables, pasta, tomato, lemon juice, salad dressingLeek
Other productsNoodles, shirataki, vegetable oil is not more than 1 art .l. flax seeds, tofu, seitan, and berries of the goji

The cruise

In the menu on a daily basis, to the need to include all of the items in the table above. They should consume protein day. In the plant protein, you can add the following:

  • carrots;
  • cabbage;
  • the sugar-beet;
  • anything green and leafy salads;
  • and green beans;
  • leek;
  • asparagus;
  • celeriac (celery root);
  • for the spinach.

During the period of this stage, it is possible to eat foods which are plant-based, low-carbon, mass, and starch. You can't eat potatoes, vegetables, corn, pasta, salad and avocado. In the permissions list of the products that you can make a salad, folded over the juice of a lemon, or a little bit of oil on it, cook it or bake it. The daily use of oat bran should increase by 2 St's. l.

The fixing of the

The group's productsYou canDon'tPortions of
The breadRye-wheat Up to 50 per day
The fruitTo anyone, except as prohibited inGrapes, bananas, dried fruits, sweet cherries, tart cherriesUp to 200 grams per day
CheeseThe minimum amount of fat for 15% ofA 40 g / l of
Foods with a high starch contentFor the potatoes, the beans, the rice, the noodles, and the Dr1 time a week, in 150-200 g
CerealBuckwheat and fig200 g of corn 150 g of rice
In the fleshThe meat of the pork, the beef, the bacon, the flesh of the lamb,1-2 times a week
MoreBuns, mayonnaise,2 times a week in small amounts

At this stage, would need to be consumed daily on an empty stomach in 2 Ot. in l. oats, bran cereals, and fresh water at least 2 liters per day.

In the third stage, a healthy diet rich in protein restrictions that they are virtually absent. But in order to maintain a normal body weight you have to give up on a product with a high content of the dough, and corn starch. More precisely, they can be present in the diet, but it is extremely rare to 1 serving per week. The products can be combined with each other, and the cook, in any way, in addition to deep-frying in oil.

In the stabilization stage, the base of the feed remains in the foods that are rich in protein, you should consume vegetables, fresh fruits, and cereals in limited quantities. Make sure to download protein-1 time a week.

The cucumber rolls in the Attack phase


Stabilization is a process that is not limited to, for a period of time. After spending the previous 3 steps, you can go back to the series, the food of the diet. But you should give preference to fresh vegetables and BAAlparanoVym products. You need to limit the amount of consumption of starch in trigoleSts products, bread, pasta, meat, fat, cheese, and cereal.

To lost the kilos rapidly regained, you need to play sports, walk in the open air, and living an active lifestyle. Once a week, and must necessarily be, to make the discharge of the protein from the menu of the Attack. Every day, on an empty stomach to eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran and to watch the arrangements of the drinking water.


For people who have quick weight loss while on the diet, Pierre Dukan, special attention should be give to training of the motor activity. The implementation of simple physical exercises, daily walks and bike rides on the positive side, the impact on the health and the appearance of the loss of a person's

Trim way that will make walking in the gymnasium. You can do 3 times a week. Use the opportunity to exit out of the carriage. The weight-loss will happen at a fast pace, the muscle tissue will work, and the number of calories more quickly, RasseplYaya lipid deposits.

At The Stage Of "Stabilization"

In the last stage of the diet Dukan that is not less important than any of the others. The weight that has been accomplished so far, and stuck to it, but it is in the stage of "Stabilization" we are able to maintain it for a lifetime.

The general rules of

The rules and recommendations here already, it's a lot smaller, and they are really quite simple to do and requires no effort from you. To maintain the correct mass of the body, you need to:

  • I never eat too much, just until it is easy to saturation.
  • Every day to eat 3 to St. l. oat bran
  • To control the rate of water – drink at least 2 liters per day.
  • Each and every week to give you a pure protein, the diameter
  • To lead an active lifestyle – walk, on foot, to leave for the elevator to move.

The allowed products

The foods which are prohibited during this phase of weight-loss is very small, and in its absence, it moved pretty easy. In the first place, it's the new one, and sugar beets. The start of the "Stabilization" of the body, the danger of the fresh and simple don't need more time to him to get used to.

When you select allowed, the dishes need to abide by the following rules:

  • the vegetable may be eaten in any quantity;
  • of the fruit, and each day a portion (for example, an apple, a persimmon or two changes);
  • cheese – a solid variety with a low content of fat by eliminating the goat cheese with the mold;and
  • the meat is lean-to types;
  • poultry without the skin, it is best to feleynuyu part of it:
  • dairy products – en with a low content of lactose monohydrate;
  • in a salt in very limited quantities;
  • bread, rye, whole grain, is not more than 100 g.
  • foods that are rich in starch, not more than two per day;
  • the daily rate of feed – in 3 Ot. l.

If all of the other phases of the diet Dukan have been correctly passed on the 4th stage of the body phéréStRnoelXia in a brand new way of operating, actively breaks down the calories, and therefore does not create fat stores, you to fully take in all the substances that a healthy.

At the stage of "Stabilization" occurs, a transition to a healthier diet and the elimination of bad eating habits: the tendency to eat too much, about the stress, and t.p.

After a phase of stabilization, to try to adhere to the principles of a healthy diet and from time to time, on the day, to carry out the unloading of the stomach, adhering to the rules of the diet Dukan. The important thing is to be patient and to abandon the use of "food waste". A diet that includes a lot of protein, that make up and strengthen every cell in the human body. If you comply with the rules laid down for every stage, over time, as well as to see results you have to build new ones, and in opposition to the school's weight.