Exercise to lose weight at home. Fitness at home

exercise to lose weight

To keep your body in good condition, is it necessary to go to a fitness club? A few years ago, the answer to this question was definitely yes, but today more and more people are refusing to go to a fitness center and opt for fitness at home (exercise to lose weight at home). There are usually several reasons for this:

  • First, save money.Subscribing to a fitness club is not a cheap pleasure.
  • Second, save time.Even though a fitness club is located near your home, you still need to spend time on the road.
  • Third, inventory availability.Everything you need for fitness at home can be purchased in any city.
  • Fourth, the availability of information.On the Internet, you can easily do exercises for weight loss, complex for housing, etc. , but there are disadvantages. A lot of information about fitness is unreliable. Therefore, in this article we will analyze the effective ways to lose weight at home.

Home Fitness Training Set

The basis of an independent fitness program is weightless training, and in the gym they work with extra weight (dumbbells, resistance bands, body bars, etc. ). If your goal is to lose weight and maintain muscle tone, you do not need to use stylish exercise equipment, enough to do it at home using a set of exercises aimed not only to burn fat, but also strengthen muscles.

Fitness should begin with warm-up. For the first five minutes, you need to alternate between running and regular jumping ropes. This exercise is followed by a quick knee raise and a squat jump. It is important to do it right: spread your legs to the side and lower yourself into a squat. The hips should be parallel to the floor. Push with legs and jump, raise hands, then return to squat again. After twenty jumps, you can relax.

The last 5 minutes are about running with heels and indentations. To achieve maximum effect, several repetitions must be performed. Exercise at full amplitude.

Exercises for all muscle groups

The five-day complex should cover all muscle groups. To strengthen the back, you need to do push-ups from the wall 10 times and from the floor 5 times. After that, you should do board exercises and stand for 2-3 minutes, gradually increasing the time to five. This exercise will tighten your lower abdomen perfectly and move your abdomen. After that, turn in a different direction following, which it is advisable to do on a fitball ball. Make sure the pelvis does not fall down so as not to shift the load. Rotating must be done for 15-20 repetitions.

This is followed by squats 15-20 times and lunges in a standing position. Thanks to them, you can strengthen the gluteus muscles and move your legs. The complex also includes swinging legs on all fours, which must be done 20-25 times.

To strengthen the arms, you need a 1kg dumbbell. The first exercise aims to process biceps. The elbow should be pressed to the side, the body not moving. The point is to bend and straighten your arms. Do this 10-25 times.

We strengthen the triceps as follows: we raise our hands down with our heads and bend them to the elbows. We did this exercise 15 times.

How many times a week should you practice?

a set of exercises for weight loss

To lose weight, the body must burn as many calories as possible. Professional trainers recommend doing weight loss exercises at home five times a week, including strength training and cardio.

In addition to the fitness at home, should include in the outdoor jogging program, exercise bike, treadmill, skiing, Nordic walking and walking, swimming. This cardio exercise will help you lose weight and strengthen your body.

How long does it take to train to achieve results?

We already know that we will undergo two types of training: strength and cardio. Each of them requires focus and effort.

Cardio training for at least 30 minutes and no more than an hour. For example, 7 minutes are spent kneading the joints, then for 25 minutes - jogging or other gift exercises. Finally, take five minutes to stretch. This is one way to do cardio, but you can use other methods. Remember that the minimum training time is 30 minutes, the maximum is one hour.

The power complex takes no less than 45 minutes and no more than an hour and a half. The break between sets and exercises depends on your training program. Often, a set of physical exercises for weight loss includes a break between repetitions of no more than 45 seconds, and between exercises - no more than one and a half minutes.


sports exercise to lose weight

The use of your training program will depend on how rich your sports equipment options are. At home, it is impossible to put several simulators at once, so you have to decide what kind of equipment you will buy. If you choose to run, swim, or walk outside as your cardio workout routine, then you should not buy exercise bikes or treadmills. Instead, you can safely place your strength training equipment.

If you enjoy doing fat burning exercises at home, then you need to buy a treadmill or exercise bike. Prices for them, of course, are not small, but subscriptions to the fitness center will remain more expensive. If you are not ready to invest a large amount of expensive equipment, we advise you to buy a budget cardio equipment - jump rope. The benefits are no less than a treadmill, but the price is several times cheaper. We know the equipment for cardio training, now let’s move on to strength training.

Exercises for weight loss at home, in addition to cardiovascular equipment, include the following equipment:

  • Two dumbbells.It is best if it is folded so that you can easily adjust the extra weight. The weight of each fully installed dumbbell does not exceed 5 kg.
  • Velcro weight.With them, doing exercises to lose weight in the abdomen, the hips will be more effective.
  • Rubber mat.It is useful for exercise while lying down, for example to pump your abdominal muscles.
  • Fitball. Any set of best weight loss exercises would not be complete without training in this great simulator. It is a large ball made of durable rubber. You need to choose a fit ball depending on your height, otherwise there will be no effect of training.

How to Create a Fitness Training Program at Home?

We have mentioned that there are many low quality training programs on the Internet. To distinguish a good fitness program from a bad one and learn how to make it yourself, you need to know some principles that make up a home fitness program:slimming exercise program

  1. Training complexes should include repetitive and static exercises. The first is done out of 15 times in one approach. Static exercises focus on muscle contraction over a period of time.
  2. Each muscle group should be trained once a week.
  3. The interval between exercises should not be more than two minutes.
  4. Break between sets - no more than 45 seconds.

These are the four basic principles behind a good exercise routine for fitness at home.

It should be noted that all strength training programs can be divided into two groups: circuit training and split.

Circular Exercises

Physical training to lose weight at home can be done in a circular system, that is, without a break between exercises. For example, your training circle has five exercises. You do the first exercise and immediately go to the second (without a break), then the third, and so on until you finish all five. Then you rest for 2-3 minutes and undergo another exercise. The training program can consist of 3-5 rounds.

What exercises should be included in the training circle?

how to lose weight by exercising

This can be homemade abdominal and lateral slimming exercises such as squats, push-ups, lunges, crunches, and so on. It is important that each targets a different muscle group.

Split program

Unlike circuit training, split programs provide breaks between sets. For example, today you should perform a complex that works to overcome the abdominal muscles, arms and gluteal muscles. To do this, you need to do three exercises per area and do 20 repetitions.

First you should do a set of glute exercises, then rest for 45 seconds and do the same exercises again. Once you have completed three sets of one exercise, you should pause (one and a half to two minutes) and continue. Slimming exercises (complex for home) with a separation program aimed primarily at keeping your muscles in good condition. To lose excess weight, the program must be complemented with cardio training. Always remember this!


Now you know how to do your home workout properly and what physical exercises to lose weight at home to choose for your exercise program. Remember that a good figure depends on training only 50%, the second half of success belongs to proper nutrition.